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Advertising LCD Displays

No other medium gets marketing messages across more effectively than an LCD display.  The visual impact of a compelling message delivered on a brilliant video platform has no rival.  Whether your goal is to drive consumer behavior, educate and inform, provide an interactive customer experience, or to increase sales, we can help you meet your design objectives.  From large multi-touch LCD display panels to small format touch integrated displays, let us help you bring your vision to completion.  Our product lines include Fujitsu, the perfect motherboard for driving multiple advertising LCD displays in extreme environments and continual use.

LCD Advertising Display Solutions

We offer large format display advertising solutions from Viewsonic and Innolux for big, bright messaging.  Touch options are also available.  So if you’re engineering an LCD advertising display solution such as a billboard advertisement, or creating displays for restaurant menus, or travel info such as flight schedules, we can help! We can provide panels or complete solutions and integrate a variety of enhancements including touch and sunlight readability for an outdoor LCD display.  We will identify the right solution for any environment.

Kiosks and Point of Sale

The kiosk market is expanding rapidly. Designing and engineering consumer operated kiosks, vending machines, and point of sale devices is complicated by the diversity of environmental conditions and the degree of ruggedness required to sustain harsh and extensive use.  Let us help you address those challenges as you bring your concept to fruition.

We offer a variety of LCD advertising display solutions that can stand up to the rigorous demands of this market including rugged touch screen solutions, sunlight readable displays, and the Fujitsu line of industrial motherboards, designed for extreme environments and 24/7 trouble free operation.  We can provide optical bonding and anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings to insure highly visible images and enhance the end user experience.  Contact us today with your requirements!