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Our Process

Getting the right display solution is as important to us as it is to you.  We will try to make it as easy and quick as possible.  Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Contact Us
    Give us a call at 877-936-0644 or fill out our simple contact form and one of our experienced, friendly staff will contact you to discuss your project or requirements.
  • Project Outline
    Let us know some of the details of your project to help determine the best solution.  We will discuss the anticipated display specifications and requirements, environment, use characteristics and project timeline.  We are happy to discuss all projects regardless of size and scope.
  • Solutions
    We will analyze and determine the best solutions based on your input.  We will provide you with options and a detailed quote and overview. Our capabilities include design and engineering, touch screen integration, optical bonding, anti-reflective and anti-glare technology, ruggedized and sunlight readable solutions.  Whether you simply need LCD displays or motherboards or require fully customized solutions, we can meet your needs.
  • Fulfillment
    Our team will leverage our warehouse and supply chain expertise to help you manage your manufacturing process.  Our vendor managed inventory and life cycle management programs will keep your project on track.
  • Support
    Our team is here to help and we stand behind all of our products.  Our in house LCD test and quality assurance labs insure your satisfaction.  We will work with you as you project grows or the project parameters evolve.  Contact us today for more details.
Contact Impact Display Solutions in San Diego, California, to learn more about the LCD products that we offer.