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Display Solutions Customized for Your Industry

Data drives every segment of industry, and how it is displayed is critical to success. Impact Display Solutions supports a broad spectrum of vertical markets, providing the tools and expertise that enables our customers to display their message with impact. LCD panels for display marketing or advertising make a remarkable statement that helps with information dissemination, brand awareness and calls to action.

We are proud to serve our military, aerospace, and law enforcement customers with customized solutions to meet rigorous specifications and the demands of harsh environments and frequent use.     

Touch Screen Phone, LCD Solutions in San Diego, CA

Our medical and healthcare clients rely on us to provide dependable solutions where there is no margin for error.  We supply the Point-of-Sale, Kiosk and Display Advertising markets with brilliant, eye-catching LCD panel displays that drive revenue. And we meet the needs of our gaming customers for solutions that require great performance and dependability in a high-use environment.

Customized Solutions

Regardless of your industry, Impact Display Solutions strives to be your trusted, one-stop LCD panel manufacturers for all of your display needs.  From displays, components and value added services to complete LCD system solutions, our experienced team is at your service.  We focus is on commercial and industrial solutions, insuring long lifecycles for your projects.  Our supply chain and inventory programs enable our customers to leverage our US warehouses to streamline manufacturing processes. Our experienced design and engineering teams can step in at any stage of your project to support your staff from design to delivery.  Please call us today and let our knowledgeable team demonstrate why we are a trusted source for reliable customized LCD solutions.

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