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LCD Display Enhancements

LCD Display Enhancements

Impact Display Solutions specializes in developing customized display solutions to our clients’ exacting specifications. Our design and engineering teams have the technical skill and experience to bring your LCD display plans to fruition.  No matter what LCD panel types you need, our goal is to always exceed your expectations!  We are experienced in the following technologies:


Impact Display Solutions is a distributor of over 20 lines of touch screen manufacturers.  Whether you need standard resistive and capacitive touch screens or have specialized requirements, we have your solution.  Talk to our team about your specific application, such as use with gloves, rugged environments, clean rooms and more.  Because we have the latest touch technologies including IR, SAW, and multi touch solutions, we are your one-stop-shop for the LCD touch screen monitor products you need.


So many applications demand a bright, vibrant, highly visible display in sun lit conditions.  We address the need for bright displays through variety of innovative methods to enhance color, contrast, and brightness to maximize the clarity and impact of your message in very bright conditions.


Impact Display Solutions has extensive experience supporting projects in some of the harshest environments. Whether you are dealing with extreme temperatures, wet, oily or dirty conditions we have LCD panel types that will work for you.  We can create shock, vibration and impact resistant solutions.  We are experienced with Mil Spec standards and can meet your engineering specifications.



Optical bonding can increase the brightness and contrast of a display. Typically, there are air gaps between the layers of the completed LCD assembly including the substrate, cover glass and touch screen.  Optical bonding can be employed to strengthen the assembly and in most cases, to improve the overall brightness, contrast ratio and readability by mitigating the light reflection between the layers. We offer variety of bonding solutions to meet your LCD touch screen monitor requirements.


To optimize image quality in all situations, we can complete an analysis of your specifications and project environment and, if needed, provide AR/AG solutions.



We can deliver completed closed frame designs, or simply open frame display panels of virtually any size specialized for medical, gaming, military, industrial automation and more.


Many environments, such as aircraft and the medical industry are susceptible to the effects of electro-magnetic interference. We engineer a variety of solutions for EMI mitigation, to help reduce this type of interference.