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From the cockpit to the cabin, Impact Display Solutions has provided the aviation industry with dependable and durable LCD solutions.  We can provide high bright cockpit instrumentation to exacting quality standards to meet FAA regulations and requirements.  Or if you are in need  of in-flight entertainment options, look to us for large LCD displays for the cabin, seat back touch integrated LCDs, or even small format screens for handheld devices.  In the sensitive airplane environment, we understand the need for EMI mitigation.  We also have life cycle programs to extend the availability of displays that might otherwise have a short development span.


The automotive market continues to evolve as the cabin in new car designs incorporate new paradigms in electronic components.   Instrumentation, navigation and entertainment systems are now controlled by touch enhanced LCD displays.  The limited space available and safety concerns create unique design considerations.  Our engineering team can identify the correct solution to meet your design expectations.  From auto infotainment to big rig navigation, inventory and fuel control, we can help you achieve your goals.


The marine environment is especially challenging, requiring expert knowledge to defend against water, vibration and extreme variation in temperature.  Instrumentation must be dependable and visible. We can supply the LCD display panels and expertise to meet the challenge.  Ruggedized units designed for sunlight readability and, if needed, with integrated touch screens are available. Call us today to discuss your design needs!